Halloween Websites

5 Halloween Websites

Yes. It is already that time of the year! Since the holiday is just weeks away, we thought we would create this post. It contains links to 5 spooky Halloween websites. Whether you are looking for a hair-raising haunted house, or your perfect costume, these places have it all!

Scary Sources For All Hallows’ Eve 

#1 Scary.com


Sit back and have some fun on Scary.com. This place is quite unusual. Here you can pay a visit to Scary-Tale Patch, Wormwood Forest, Scary Cemetery, Mummy Tomb, and more! This site is like a haunted house that has a bunch of rooms filled with weird creatures.

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George Bush

5 Unusual Political Sites

Welcome to our post on five of the most unusual political websites we stumbled upon. With this year’s fascinating and of course, unprecedented presidential race finally coming to an end, we thought this would be the perfect time to create this post. Although not all of the following web pages are actual “political websites,” they are all politically related. The first two are extremely stupid and useless. However, the last three pages are truly bizarre.

#1 DoWeFeelTheBern.com


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Sites With Zombie Videos

Are you a big zombie fan? If so, this is the perfect post for you! Here you will get links to zombie videos from various websites. Some of them are funny, but most are quite spooky.

Free Zombie Footage On The Web

Flesh-Eating Zombies on YouTube

flesh-eating zombies

Watch a hilarious zombie prank you won’t forget. The video title is Flesh Eating Zombie Attack Prank. Although it is only a little over three minutes long, it is no surprise that it currently has over 8 million views, including over 33 thousand likes on YouTube, counting.

Without a doubt, these people put a lot of hard work into this video. Luckily for them, they also managed to pull off a prank that is quite risky. It is not everyday that you see these brain-hungry creatures roaming the streets. Good thing they didn’t lose their own brains.

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6 Sites With Insects For Sale

This is a post that provides links to six different sites with insects for sale (dead and alive). While bugs may be nothing but little creepy creatures to many people, for some, they are worth collecting, having as pets, and even eating. The last site on our list is a provider of edible insects and also non-insects (such as dark chocolate oven roasted scorpions).

If you are a collector of oddities, check out our post called 5 Sites With Oddities For Sale.

Find Bugs From A Variety Of Species

#1 BugsInCyberspace.com

black beetle

The first site is called Bugs In Cyberspace. Here you can find a variety of bugs that are alive (including a collection of dead insects). Some of their inventory includes beetles, crickets, and ants. They also have some non-insects such as tarantulas, millipedes, and centipedes.

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shocking videos

Websites With Shocking Videos

This list contains links to websites that have some of the most shocking videos on the Internet. Be prepared to see some extremely gory, gross, and unbelievable footage. From the most brutal brawls, to massive and disgusting pimple popping, this post has it all!

Warning: This post contains material that may not be suitable for some viewers.

Sites With Footage That Will Shock You

#1 Uncensored Report/bbs

knife fight

Uncensored Report is a fairly new site you will definitely want to check out. Here you will find plenty of gory and jaw-dropping footage. Their categories include Accidents, Death, Execution, and Assaults (including the deadly knife fight seen in the screenshot above).

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